Endangered Species Big Year Ethical Principles

To help the GGNP’s endangered species thrive, all GGNP Endangered Species Big Year participants must follow these Ethical Principles:

Be a responsible National Park visitor.

  • Never take any animal, plant, or any other item from the Park.
  • Keep clothes and shoes clean so you don’t inadvertently spread invasive plant seeds.
  • Learn and respect the rules and values of the National Park.
  • Promote the protection and preservation of park resources and values for future generations.
  • Share these ethics by word and by example.

Respect wildlife and wildlife habitats.

  • Walk and talk softly.
  • Stay on trails and within designated public areas; exercise caution to avoid disturbing or modifying endangered species habitat.
  • Never feed wildlife. Allow wild animals to carry on their lives without disruption.
  • Never use calls, recordings or other intrusive methods to attract threatened or endangered species.
  • Properly dispose of trash; leave behind only footprints.
  • Leave pets at home.

Respect the rights of others.

  • Observe all laws and regulations governing roads and public areas.
  • Behave in a courteous manner that will generate goodwill for the naturalist community.
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Created: November 07, 2009 23:40
Last updated: November 24, 2009 17:25


  1. Laurie Graham — 08 June 2010 - 20:43

    Brent – Jeff & I went to Mori Point for a walk on Monday, and the fence has a large opening down to the path to Laguna Salada. It is not a break in the fence, it is deliberate. What’s the point? To have a fence, and then put an opening in it?

  2. Brent Plater — 08 June 2010 - 21:01

    I’ve seen golfers use that path and break in the fence to drive their golf carts up onto the berm. Other than that, I have no reason why they have that hole there.

  3. Brent Plater — 18 June 2010 - 12:37

    Here is a study that explains why walking softly and quietly is essential for observing birds and wildlife. Please follow our ethical principles whenever you are on a GGNP Endangered Species Big Year trip.

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